Praise for Warrior SOS

"Gripping, inspiring, and heart-wrenching. These incredible stories remind us that the sacrifices our veterans make don’t end when they return home."

—Glenn Beck, #1 national bestselling author and founder of TheBlaze

Stories of Faith, Healing & Recovery...Plus a little humor!

Books by Jeffrey Denning

Warrior SOS details the war experiences of military veterans in their own words, with a focus on faith, healing, and recovery. Combat veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other wars courageously share their stories of tragedy, injury and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). Veterans, as well as family members and advocates, tell how war has changed them and offer suggestions to help heal the combat-wounded soul.

Find hope, healing, and understanding in these true stories of combat veterans. With insights and encouragement from those who now suffer from PTSD and from their spouses and family-members, this book lets veterans know they are not alone and helps citizen supporters understand the challenges veterans face upon returning home.

A powerful tale of Faith, Healing, and Recovery!  In their own powerful words, those who have ‘been there’ serve as pathfinders and trailblazers, showing us the road home.  Vital reading for veterans and their families, for mental health providers, and for anyone who cares about our veterans.”

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, USA (ret.), Author of On Combat and On Killing

America’s servicemen and women are our utmost national treasure, and Warrior SOS allows a glimpse into their lives. Each story gives compelling insight to what warriors can face in battle and what they can experience after coming home.”

—U.S. Congressman Adam Kinzinger, OEF/OIF Veteran

The most important knowledge we can attain is the discovery of our true identities. We are each spirit children of God—sons and daughters of heavenly parents who love us. As we more fully grasp, understand, and comprehend our spiritual natures, we will begin to see one another as God does, with divine potential and infinite worth. We will treat each other better. Our joy will increase. Our patience will grow. Our lives will have greater meaning and purpose. In short, as we gain a sure knowledge of who we really are and who we can become, we will discover the joy and peace surrounding Our True Identity.

The Work of Death gives incredible insight to the mental preparation, years of operation, and the emotional changes that come into the mind of those engaged in the things of death. Written both for the soldier-veteran, as well as the citizen interested in understanding the realities of the warrior livelihood, this book will captivate the novice and entice and interest the seasoned veteran. Filled with amazing stories and deep insight, the Work of Death is a must-read for anyone serious about warrior advocacy.

Together Forever is about families, laughter, and pivotal life lessons. Originally written as bedtime stories to tell the author’s little girls, Together Forever morphed into a fun collection of interesting life experiences. Some of the stories are silly and fun, while others are more thought-provoking. Overall, these important life lessons are cleverly entertaining and capture the attention of the earnest in heart. Readers will come away with a renewed interest in discovering the blessings of family history and the rewards of life that does not end at death.

101 Police Tips is for mature and immature adults alike. These stories/tips have been taken from true police encounters.
Note: Names have been removed to protect the idiots.

110 More Police Tips is a humorous sequel to 101 Police Tips.

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